Breaking Rules, Broken Hearts: Loving Across Borders

Breaking Rules, Broken Hearts:

Loving Across Borders

Headshot of Chicago college and university events speaker Ada Cheng.

Ada Cheng’s latest show tackles issues of gender, culture, and feminism.

Ada Cheng explores how one learns about womanhood, love, and abuse in different sociopolitical and cultural contexts through personal stories. An intense personal journey, this solo weaves tales of breaking rules and broken hearts across borders.

This performance is relevant to current debates about gender equality and women’s status in American society.

About Ada

Photo of Chicago college events speaker Dr. Ada Cheng.

Ada Cheng is a professor turned storyteller, performing artist, show producer and host, teaching artist, and author.

She has been featured at storytelling shows and performed on theatre stage in different cities in the United States. Both her solo performances, including NOT QUITE and BREAKING RULES, BROKEN HEARTS, have received great acclaim. She is also a frequent guest lecturer on college campuses about storytelling and identity.

Her book, Standing Up: From Renegade Professor to Middle-Aged Comic, published in December 2016 by Difference Press, aims at encouraging people, particularly mid-lifers, to embrace fear and uncertainty and to pursue their passion and dream.

Her motto: Make your life the best story you tell.

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