May 2021

The Latest: Writing the Unspeakable: Asian Women Writers

May 5, 2021

Ada Cheng speaking during IWWG’s panel “Writing the Unspeakable: Asian Women Writers”

This presentation was part of the International Women Writing Guild‘s panel titled “Writing the Unspeakable: Asian Women Writers”. It’s part of the IGGW’s series titled “Under One Sun Global Village, Global Voices of Women Writers”. The session was moderated by Yun Wei, and features writers: Usha Aella, Ada Cheng, Michelle Liu, and Sarah Lyu.

“Since I didn’t name his race, I didn’t explore how my own race might have played a part in my own victimization. … How could race be so salient in all my experiences as an immigrant woman of color but so absent at this moment of intimate violence … Is it possible that we also come to see ourselves as complicit in the violence against us? I did.” — Ada Cheng

Watch the full panel session on the IWWG’s YouTube channel.

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